Why Choose Us?

Life Solutions has several 401(k) plan packages specifically designed to solve the problems associated with the more common cookie-cutter plans that most business owners find lacking and insufficient for their needs.

Small business owners are choosing us as their 401(k) plan provider for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Custom plan designs
  • Plan designs that favor the owner(s) and their key employees
  • Plan documents
  • Full service for the life of the plan
  • Signature-ready government reporting documents, including Form 5500 package
  • Quarterly participant statements
  • Extremely low administration fees
  • Large variety of investment options, including products with guarantees
  • Daily valuation
  • Account access via Internet and voice-response systems
  • Full Internet access to the plan for the employer or benefit manager
  • Free investment transfers
  • Plans are “benefit sensitive” which means there are no surrender charges for death, disability, retirement, participant loan or termination distributions
  • Very low expense charges

Do you want to know more? Call us today at (800) 680-5596.

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